All purchases can be paid easily:


Paypal is the system of payments and transfers via the Internet safer and more practical world, to use it only needs:

Create an account

Enter your data in that account credit card, debit card (Save) or bank account

Once your data registered in Paypal, you can pay thousands of products and services on the Internet, including the largest providers such as,, etc, ie not will have to disclose your bank details never

You can also send money to friends, or receive, it is like having your bank account on the Internet

In the case of, after selecting your items and proceed to pay them, select the option to pay with PAYPAL, enter data from your paypal account and payment will be made immediately and 100% safe (We never see financial details or your account details or card)

More information

Income / Bank transfer

Our data for the payment or transfer will be provided once you have made the order confirmation by e-mail.

Credit card. Using the secure server Servired

Once you have made the order in our store, you will be directed to the secure website of Servired where data indicate your card. (These data are entered into their server and are totally unrelated to Us).

Important: At the end of the process, Servired page will return to our shop where finish the ordering process.